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Janes Technicolour Fleece Dog Coats

We would like to thank you all for your support with Janes technicolour fleece dog coats.

Thanks also to Calcott and Sons (Saddlers and Riding Outfitters) of Sutton Scotney who retail them without charge.

So far this year the sales have raised £190 towards helping our greyhounds.

Thank you Jane for making these lovely coats and thank you to your customers.




Adoption for Pets Summer Fundraiser 2018

We would like to thank Adoption for Pets and Pets at Home in Andover for their support of our small charity, their wonderful customers managed to raise £1,573.71 for us!

Though sadly the heatwave curtailed our visits in store earlier than we would have liked, we and our hounds had a time there.

Thank you so much, your genorisity enables us to continue our quest to find these amazing hounds a happy and loving home after their racing careers come to an end.

We are a 100% volunteer force so every penny raised really does go to the care and wellfare of the greyhounds in our care.




Hampshire Greyhound Rescue would like to thank Gillian Wallington for her very kind donation of £200 received this month. Your continuing help is greatly appreciated.

Thank You.

From all the hounds and volunteers at Hampshire Greyhound Rescue.



Thank you Personnel Selection Recruitment Agency


We would like to thank Charlotte Little and all at Personnel Selection in Andover for the wonderful donation they gave to us on the 2nd Febuary.

Apologies for not having posted this sooner, sadly a small bout of poor health prevented me from updating earlier.



Hampshire Greyhound Rescue would like to thank Miss Caroline Vilagos from Ryde on the IOW who has donated an amazing £318 which she made from selling her home made cards to support us.

Our greyhounds sound a most happy Rooo to you.

Thank you so much!



HGR our normal  time for our 'Meet and  Greet' walks at

Danebury Hill is 2:00 p.m in the upper car park.

  Please join us if you wish to know more about adopting an ex-racing Greyhound, learn about the up's and down's of taking care of a ex-racer from the people who are actually living it, our dogs range from those who have now lived in a home for years, to those who only found a home a few weeks ago!

Danebury Hill Fort


Middle Wallop



SO20 8HQ


Please check our Facebook page 'Hampshire Greyhound Rescue' between 12:00 - 12:30 on Sundays where we will post if we are unable to attend or need to delay the 'meet' time due to excessive temperatures!






Chilli (Farantane Chilli)


12/2008 - 03/06/2016

Sadly our Chillie had to be put to sleep due to kidney failure, not even 8 years old bless her.

While we were unable to find a home you could be yourself in, you were most dearly loved by the many people who knew you.

Sleep Well




I would like to apologise to Steph' and Simon who adopted Harry from us for the delay in posting this one of my updates appeared to have put a squirrel in the works between editing and publishing, but at last:

Hampshire Greyhound Rescue would like to thank Steph' and Simon for their kind donation.

Your donation will help feed all our kennel hounds, so glad Harry has become the perfect dog for you.  He is certainly thriving with you as we see at Danebury.  Thank you.

We also need to add thank you's for their kind donations to us instead of sending cards this year; Becky, Matt and Sam (and not forgetting Bosun, we're sure you will have offerred some treat money); Carol Bazzoni for hers (and Dylan bless him, he remembers his pals).

Anne Burley for her kind donation of food stuff and money (the hounds are enjoying the fish and their coats are flourishing)!


Hampshire Greyhound Rescue would like to give ACADIA WINDOWS & DOORS of Swindon a big shout out for the excellent work they did putting in the new A rated windows at our kennels last winter.  Thanks to them, (and Adoption for Pets) our Greyhounds have been a lot warmer through the miserable weather that has followed.

So on behalf of our Greyhounds, who can't say it for themselves THANK YOU, JOB WELL DONE!



We would like to present to you a comic strip written by a young volunteer walker Sam Smith who attends our walks with his family and their ex-racing Greyhound Bosun.





We would like to thank Jeff Farquharson for his kind donation to us in March

(Sorry it took me so long to post this, hope all is well)



Hampshire Greyhound Rescue would like to say 'Thank you' to MJP Law for letting us have a stall and promote our Charitable Organisation at the recent

Ellingham Show on the 9th August!

It is through help like yours we are able to keep doing what we do in finding homes for our ex-racing Greyhounds.  Thank You.





We would like to express our gratitude to Sarah Green for her kind donations of

money, food, Greyhound coat, cushions and bedding to Hampshire Greyhound Rescue.

Your kindness is very much appreciated by all our volunteers and Greyhounds alike.

Thank You.




R.I.P  'Tiggy' Jones

(2011 - 2014)

Sadly on 22nd April Tiggy died after she ran from inside to outside but ran straight through the closed conservatory door, she died instantly.

Tiggy was only 3 years old, full of life, loved everyday, loved everyone, she would jump up and cuddle you and nibble your ears, she was mischievous but a beautiful girl.

Her distraught family have requested this posting to alert all owners to be aware of the dangers of large glass panels and the dangers of not making them 'visible' to dogs - Please place opaque film, stickers, tape at your dogs eye-line. Make your windows visible to them, please don't let this happen to your dog!





Hampshire Greyhound Rescue would like to thank Bev Richardson for her sterling effort of raising £285.15 for us from her sponsorship in the Silverstone Half-Marathoncoming in with a time of 2:06.35.

We and the dogs are proud of your achievements!





Report copied from a BBC News item: PLEASE READ!

   Signs are to be put up in the New Forest warning dog owners about a mysterious disease that has killed 13 dogs across Britain in recent months.

The Forestry Commission notices tell owners to take their pet to a vet should it develop lesions on its legs, paws or face.   Vets say the disease - which leads to kidney failure - is similar to "Alabama Rot", which was first seen in the US in the 1980s.    The source of the disease is unknown.

    However, the Environment Agency has ruled out chemical contamination in water supplies.

The majority of the dogs that died in the past year were in the New Forest, but there were also others in Surrey, Cornwall, Worcestershire and County Durham.

     The notices say owners should take their dog to a vet even if the lesions appear a week after a walk.

Alabama Rot had been associated with greyhounds, but the deaths in Britain in the past year have affected a variety of breeds.  

David Walker, from Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists in Hursley, near Winchester, said: "What I would say is that if you see a skin wound on your dog then don't just leave it.

"Ordinarily you might say I'll leave that for 24, 48 hours - I would say don't do that, get down to your local vet."

He added: "The dogs that have pulled through seem to be the ones that have presented earlier on in the disease course. However, that doesn't hold true for all of the patients, and dogs seems to be affected to varying degrees.

Mr Walker said his practice first saw cases in December 2012 and since then vets had developed a "much better handle on what the disease is" - but the "trigger" is still unknown.

He said it was "very similar" to Alabama Rot, which was thought to be related to a toxin produced by E. coli bacteria.

But Mr Walker said his team had "looked very hard" for the bacteria and the toxin in infected dogs and not found either.

  Alabama Rot - the common name for idiopathic renal glomerular vasculopathy - only affected greyhounds when it was identified in the US in the 1980s.

  The recent cases in England are different because various breeds have been affected - but Mr Walker said the "pathology [of the disease] is exactly the same".

  Like Alabama Rot, the first external symptom of the disease affecting dogs in England is lesions, usually on their legs.

More lesions can appear elsewhere on the body, and in some cases dogs can suffer kidney failure and die.

(Copyright of the report remains with the BBC)

Note: This is no longer just happening in the New Forest area, if you see lesions on your dog please take it to your veterinary!






Hampshire Greyhound Rescue would like to express their gratitude to all involved with the  'Knit and Natter' group at Campbell's Place for their help towards keeping our Greyhounds warm and snug. 

They very much appreciate your efforts.

Thank You.




Sainsbury's Superstores.

    We would like to thank Manager Richard Morris, Pam Chapman, and all the wonderful customers of Sainsbury's at Badger Farm Road in Winchester, their continued support of HGR. 

Their trolley collections are of help for us in getting food for our dogs, thereby enabling us to continue our work in rescuing and re-homing ex-racing Greyhounds.

Their support means so much to us!




Welcomes to the HGR support team

As you may now be aware Hampshire Greyhound Rescue is now under 'new management' since Mark and Lynda stepped down!

David Woods is continuing to keep the website up to date, and can be contacted via the email link for re-homing requests and web related content, and also by the mobile number also listed on the 'contacts us' page.

The stewardship of Hampshire Greyhound Rescue has now been taken up by Mandy and Tony who will do their best in taking us forward into the future as we all look towards re-homing more 'hounds and making more homes 'complete' with the addition of very lovable Greyhounds as the pet of choice!

We would also like to welcome Kirsten to our band of happy volunteers, who has kindly offered her assistance with the home-checks and fund raising. We are also grateful to Tony and Mandy, Martin and Zoe and their children for their help with ongoing fund raising also many thanks to Shannon for her photography skills, in bringing our ‘homeless ‘hounds’ images to your screen, and of course a big thank you to all our volunteer dog walkers.



All photographs on this site remain the property of the original owners and cannot be used or copied without their expressed permission!


Don't forget to check out our Facebook page :- Hampshire Greyhound Rescue, (many thanks Claire)



Pets at Home.

All of us at Hampshire Greyhound Rescue would like to thank Pets at Home for their continued support and help and we look forward to a long and happy union.

We would also like to thank thier generous customers who have always done us proud - Thank You